Summer Literacy and Math Project


The Evesham Township School District recognizes the value of maintaining reading and math levels that students have acquired during the school year. Therefore, it is essential that students have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the summer months, while also continuing to work on reading and math skills through fun and engaging tasks to avoid any regression. To that end, the district annually implements a summer literacy and math project to provide engaging ways for students to not only practice reading and math skills, but more importantly encourage lifelong readers and mathematicians.

We are excited to release Summer 2022 choice projects, as well as the One District, One Theme of Courage Counts that is connected to summer reading and modified off of the national One School, One Book initiative.  Click on the following links for parent letters that were sent home to families about the projects, elementary and middle.

Eighth Grade Students: Click here for Lenape Regional High School District summer reading.


In terms of literacy, we expect all elementary school students to read a minimum of five books this summer and all middle school students to read a minimum of three books. All but one book should be self-selected by the students.

The initial book that all students are required to read is modeled off of the national campaign called One School, One Book (OSOB). This campaign aims to build a community of readers within our school as everyone - students, teachers, and even administrative staff - will be participating so that we can all reap the many benefits.

In order to provide choice, the OSOB initiative continues to be modified to include various titles for students to select from that are all connected to the theme of courage in some way. Students are to select ONE of the titles from the options below as their required read for the summer of 2022.  Click here for a description of each of the five titles available for elementary students or here to see a description of each of the four titles for middle school.

  • For primary grade students, there are two picture book options, I Am Courage or Jabari Jumps.
  • For upper elementary students, there is a chapter book, Nubby's Story (Pumpkin's Story is now an alternate due to limited availability, but can be read instead of Nubby's Story, if interested)a graphic novel, Allergic, or a picture book, Wangari's Trees Of Peace: A True Story from Africa.
  • For middle school, students choose their one required reading from four books: AllergicBee Fearless: Dream Like a Kid, The Crossover (available as either a book or a graphic novel), or When You Trap a Tiger

There is a literacy choice board that is to be utilized for any of the books being read this summer. Select the appropriate literacy choice board below:

Optional reading log templates may be found at the following links:

Additional Summer Reading Opportunities

If you are interested in the Evesham Library summer reading program or the Barnes and Noble reading program, click the links below:


Students are also encouraged to maintain their math skills by working on self-selected math tasks that represent a variety of concepts from the designated choice board for math. This summer's math focus is on math measurementsA minimum of five math activities are to be completed this summer. Select the appropriate math choice board below:


As an option on the literacy and math choice boards, students may choose to create a post on Padlet. If selecting this option, simply click on the link in the choice board that will direct students to Padlet. Students must log in to Padlet using their school Google account. All students are expected to post appropriately and entries will be monitored. 

About Padlet  

Padlet (formerly Wallwisher) is a free application to create an online bulletin board that you can use to display information for any topic. You can add text, images, links, videos, and more. Simply click on the pencil in the bottom right of the board then add your message. Remember to add your name to the post as well. All posts will be reviewed by a teacher before it appears on the board.

Online Etiquette

The ETSD summer Padlets are available for all students in the school community, grades K-5 at the elementary level or 6-8 at the middle school level.  As a student in the district, access to the Padlets is a privilege and you are expected to be considerate of all students in the school who will be participating over the summer months.  Your entries will be reviewed and approved by a teacher before being posted on the site.  Therefore, there will be a delay from when you write/submit to when it appears on the Padlet for others to view.  Any inappropriate submissions will not be approved and will be forwarded to the building principal for follow-up in September.

Here are a few rules to follow when blogging or commenting/responding:

  • The use of online posting is considered an extension of your classroom/school community.
  • Do not share personal information.
  • No text talk  - write/speak in full sentences and read/listen your comments back carefully before submitting.
  • Make sure your entry stays on topic and is about the required activity.
  • If you use media from another source, be sure to properly cite the creator of the original work.
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