Child Study Team Referral

A referral is a written request for an initial evaluation submitted to the child study team.


Interventions in the general education setting shall be provided to students exhibiting academic difficulties and shall be utilized, as appropriate, prior to referring a student for an evaluation of eligibility for special education and related services.

After interventions have been utilized, the New Jersey Administrative Code N.J.A.C. 6A:14-3.3(c)1 addresses the next step:

When it is determined through analysis of relevant documentation and data concerning each intervention utilized that interventions in the general education program have not adequately addressed the educational difficulties, and it is believed that the student may have a disability, the student shall be referred for an evaluation to determine eligibility for special education programs and services.

MAKING A CHILD STUDY TEAM REFERRAL If and when pre-referral interventions are not successful, you may contact your guidance counselor with your referring concerns or put your concerns in writing to Dr. Jennifer Bland, Director of Special Services.

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