Summer Literacy and Math Projects
    The Evesham Township School District recognizes the value of maintaining reading and math levels that students have acquired during the 2017-2018 school year.  To that end, the district will again be implementing a summer literacy and math project to provide engaging ways for students to not only practice reading and math skills, but more importantly encourage lifelong readers and mathematicians.
    Click here to view parent letter for elementary 
    In terms of literacy, we expect all students to participate by reading books and/or listening to stories aloud.  We are asking all elementary school students to read a minimum of five books this summer and all middle school students to read a minimum of three books this summer.  Each school is participating in a reading project modeled off of the national campaign called One School, One Book.  This campaign aims to build a community of readers within our school as everyone - students, parents, teachers, and even administrative staff - will be participating so that we can all reap the many benefits.  
    For all incoming elementary students, the book is The Word Collector by Peter H. Reynolds.  The other four books should be self-selected by the students.  
    There is a literacy choice board that is to be utilized for any of the books being read this summer.  Select the appropriate literacy choice board below:
    • Literacy Summer Activity Choice Board for Primary Grades
    • Literacy Summer Activity Choice Board for Upper Elementary Grades
    Students are also encouraged to maintain their math skills by working on self-selected math activities that represent a variety of concepts from the designated choice board for math.  A minimum of four math activities are to be completed this summer.  Select the appropriate math choice board below:
    • Math Summer Activity Choice Board for Grades K-2
    • Math Summer Activity Choice Board for Grades 3-5
    To view an overview of Padlet, expected online etiquette, and directions for accessing, click here or go to your school website and under the student tab select ETSD Summer Padlet Lists.  Please note links will only be live for ETSD students during the summer months.  
    In addition, if you are interested in the Evesham Library summer reading program or the Barnes and Noble reading program, click the link below: