• Office of Special Services

    The Office of Special Services provides an individualized educational program to eligible students in pre-school through grade eight throughout the district. 

    Other functions of the Office of Special Services include the coordination and development of special education programs across all district schools, coordination of out of district special education placements, and oversight of all related services, homebound instruction, and McKinney Vento eligible students. Organization of activities for parents of special needs children through the Special Education Parent Advisory Committee is also facilitated through this office.  If anyone is interested in being a part of the Parent Advisory Committee please contact Nicole Espenberg in the Special Services Department.  


    Special Services Staff

    Nicole Espenberg, Director of Special Services and Child Study Team

    Jennifer Bland, Supervisor of Special Services and Curriculum

    Celia Rosenblum, Secretary to the Director

    856-983-1800, ext. 5071


    TEAM 1 - Services DeMasi Elementary, DeMasi Middle and Marlton Elementary Schools

    • Janet Warner, Secretary, Ext. 5078
    • Gail Fought, Learning Consultant
    • Jacquelynne Flynn, Social Worker
    • Ginger Shaen, School Psychologist
    • Donielle Friedenthal, School Psychologist / Behavior Consult.

    TEAM 2 – Services  Marlton Middle School

    • Kathleen French, Secretary, Ext. 5076
    • Kathleen G. Taylor, Learning Consultant
    • Sherri Reisman, Social Worker
    • Leslie Shultz, School Psychologist
    • Jennifer Colon, School Psychologist

    TEAM 3 – Services Beeler and Van Zant School Schools

    • Margaret Ginchereau, Secretary, Ext. 5079
    • Christine Meo, Learning Consultant
    • Lynda Gary, Social Worker
    • Jamie Melamed, School Psychologist

    TEAM 4 – Rice Pre-School Program and Elementary, and Jaggard School

    • Jennifer Berry, Secretary, Ext. 5089
    • Dora Maule, Learning Consultant
    • Elise Novatkoski, Learning Consultant
    • Melissa Zucker, Social Worker
    • Jen Ebstein, Social Worker
    • Allyson Feld, School Psychologist
    • Ginny Perrone, Speech / Autism Specialist
Last Modified on December 19, 2018