Overview of Programs


Evesham Township Schools believe that meeting the needs of all students is paramount to providing a thorough and efficient education.  In order to identify and provide for the many diverse talents of our students, we have a variety of program offerings that can be broken down into two main categories.  All of these program offerings are offered to students within the school day and academic calendar year by district staff members. 

The district offers seventeen different instructional programs throughout the school year.  All students at various times throughout their K-8 career have the opportunity to participate in each of these programs. 


Instructional programs include:


  Core Literature

  Physical Education

  Guided Reading


  Reader’s Workshop


  Writer’s Workshop


  Word Study





  Applied Design & Technology

  Social Studies

  Family & Consumer Science




The district also has six specialized programs, which are offered to eligible students based on need and/or interest. 


Specialized programs include:


  Special Education

  Instrumental Music

  Tier III

  Reading Recovery

  English as a Second Language



Two additional programs fall into both of the above categories as there are instructional components to the program that all students receive, as well as specialized components that are offered to students based on need and individual circumstances.

  School Counseling:  Guidance Services

  School Health Services


Curriculum revisions in each subject area above are made on an ongoing basis through a collaborative process involving teachers and administrators, with input from parents and board members.  All curriculum guides are in alignment with the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards. 


The district also offers a few programs outside of the typical school day or school year, such as CAPPS, Metamorphosis, and Saturday Enrichment Clubs. 


Additional program offerings also occur through partnerships with outside organizations such as L.E.A.D., Art Goes to School, and Pinelands Preservation Alliance. 

Last Modified on September 11, 2015